For those who are unable to attend Vilnius Innovation Forum 2013 “Innovation Drift” at Radisson Blu Lietuva Hotel, we give a chance to become a part of it by seeing and hearing the main speakers via livestream. Those who are interested, will be able to either watch it at home or get together with friends or colleagues, and both follow and discuss the event.


The Forum will be broadcasted live on on December 4-5, so right upon entering the page you will easily access the live stream. So, all you have to do is to choose the designed venue and invite those who would like to follow the Vilnius Innovation Forum 2013 live. We would be grateful if you took the pictures of what you had organized, and sent them to us, even if it is just a handful of people in a living room and a computer screen. Please send your pictures during or after the event to: and we will make sure to share them with everybody.


If you decide to host a Simulcast event, please, do not forget to mention that this event is organized under the flag of Vilnius Innovation Forum 2013 “Innovation Drift”. Your event must also be free of charge. Please note that the live broadcast will only include the sessions taking place in the Alfa Hall. For more details on them, check the Forum programme.

Your Simulcasts will be important in spreading the ideas discussed at the Forum. This also is an interesting way to share your thoughts and ideas about the things you've seen. It is much more fulfilling than watching the event alone. If you have any questions, please contact