Together with plenary sessions, Vilnius Innovation Forum 2013 “Innovation Drift” will become an exhibition place, showcasing the most innovative companies in the region, science and technology parks and governmental institutions providing you the information about the cutting-edge innovations in the region and globally.


The interactive exhibitor booths will create a chance to experience the usability of inventions and their functionality. The exhibition will become a space for networking, sharing ideas and exploring new technologies, presented by leading scientists, businessmen and field professionals.

The exhibition will be open both for the forum attendees and to the public.

The timetable for visiting the exhibition is the following:

  • 2013 December  4th 12.30-16.00 – Vilnius Innovation Forum 2013 attendees;
  • 2013 December  4th 16.00-20.00 – Public viewing and Vilnius Innovation Forum 2013  attendees;
  • 2013 December  5th 8.30-15.30 – Vilnius Innovation Forum 2013  attendees;
  • 2013 December  5th 15.30-18.00 – Public viewing and Vilnius Innovation Forum 2013 attendees.


Check the Exhibition catalogue with all the participants at the forum. This catalogue consists of the exhibition plan for your easy navigation
as well as the main information about participating companies, organizations and innovations they present.