The Lithuanian Business Confederation is an organization that represents the largest service, trade, and high–tech companies and associations. It is a national committee of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). It’s mission is to consolidate Lithuanian business and to create a competitive economic environment.


Enterprice Lithuania (EL) is a public organization, owned by the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania, which is in charge of promoting Lithuanian producers’ exports as well as supporting small and mid-sized businesses.


Global Lithuanian Leaders is a high impact non-profit platform of Lithuania – connected international professionals (e.g. executives, entrepreneurs, current and future leaders in their professional field) building global opportunities for Lithuanian economy. Established after the first World Lithuanian Economic Forum in 2009, GLL seeks to develop and expand Lithuania’s standing in the global community by utilizing the talents of leading Lithuanians and people with an affinity for Lithuania who are outstanding in their field.


The Innovative Pharmaceutical Industry Association (IFPA) represents innovative pharmaceutical manufacturers, companies developing new patent medicines and promoting ethical business principles. The Association unites 16 innovative pharmaceutical companies and their representative offices registered in Lithuania. IFPA is a member of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA), an institution representing the pharmaceutical industry in Europe.


The Public Institution Lithuanian Innovation Centre (LIC) is a non-profit organisation, providing innovation support services to enterprises, research institutions, industry associations and business support organisations. The mission of Lithuanian Innovation Centre is to provide innovation support services by implementing Lithuanian innovation policy.


The Ministry of Education and Science is a Government Institution of the Republic of Lithuania. It is responsible for educational and R&D policy development and implementation measures, and in fact defines the supply side development for innovation.


The company “Infoterminalas”  focuses all the attention on manufacture, sale & rent of information kiosks and maintenance of interactive information systems. „We control the process of manufacture of kiosks, therefore, we guarantee equipment durability & quality of complete sets. It is possible to choose the housing design, parameters and control necessary for certain applications“ – says Arturas Jucaitis, director of the company.


Thermo Fisher Scientific Baltics creates, manufactures and distributes molecular biology products for life science research and diagnostics. Company products are broadly used worldwide to study gene structure, expression and variety, to create new diagnostics methods for innate, hereditary and infectious diseases. Our mission is to enable customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer. Currently there are almost 100 researchers employed in Vilnius, making it one of the biggest private R&D centres in the whole region.


Smartup Visuals is a visual communication company - a collective of free thinking inspirationists here to breathe life into your work and distill its essence with powerful visuals. With their professional expertise in creative industries, they can help your speaker, event or company communicate the ideas and concepts by blending them into avortex of visual displays that will help captivate, inspire and thrill your audiences. They say "It’s our job to help connect people, share knowledge and boost understanding. At Smartup Visuals we’re smart with what we do, and we love it too!"


UAB KIA Auto is an official KIA MOTORS CORPORATION dealer in Lithuania. KIA Auto has the most modern KIA showroom in the Baltic countries as well as the latest and the most modern equipment, including a wide range of services offered. KIA design is not just about shape, lines or surfaces. It is about sharing unexpected, new and pleasant experiences with the customers around the world.


Coffee Inn is fast growing, innovative coffee brand in Baltics, founded by 4 enterpreneurs and coffee lovers in Lithuania, back in 2007. We deliver a unique blend of high-end coffee, creativity and modern cafe culture in more than 30 cafes, Lithuania and Latvia.


AMKA was founded in 1978 in Denmark by Anna Marie Søndergaard, and AMKA LITHUANIA was established in 2005. Our business activity began with importing and selling quality wines and spirits to the supermarket chains in Lithuania and Latvia. As our company has achieved high results and received exceptionally positive response from proficient wine tasters, we started supplying wine to the HoReCA (Hotels-Restaurants-Café) segment and business clients. AMKA offers wine of the highest quality that meets the requirements of the most particular customers and inexpensive wine of high quality that was evaluated as proper to serve in conferences, presentation and seminars by high number of companies.


Founded in 1994, INFOBALT is a locally and internati onally recognized representati ve of Lithuanian ICT industry. The associati on has more than 130 members, including nati onal and global businesses, universiti es and colleges involved in ICT educati on, and research insti tuti ons, employing more than 10,000 experienced ICT professionals, teachers and researchers. Representati on of nati onal ICT industry, it’s strategic development, fostering of ICT export and promoti on of ICT educati on are the key prioriti es for INFOBALT. In 2011, revenues of the INFOBALT members have exceeded 1 billion EUR. INFOBALT is a single point of contact for any internati onal requests, including investment and cooperati on opportuniti es in the Lithuanian ICT industry.


National Initiative on “Women and Technology” is designed to inspire, encourage and support women in technology. We aim to encourage pupils and students to take an active interest of self-expression and career opportunities in information technology, to pay attention to women-friendly employment opportunities in this sector, to familiarize the public with the most successful Lithuanian IT experts, while also giving women professionals to cooperate to enhance their skills and knowledge. Our purpose is to unite IT women to share the accumulated experience of IT in developing IT skills among women, and promote the acquisition of IT skills to properly apply the practical field.