What’s Inn it?

Innovation Drift


Drift is a continuous movement from where we were before to where we will be in the future. That is why it is a perfect word to describe INNovations. INNovations are changing the world with the power, no smaller than the one of continents drifting across the ocean thousands of years ago to shape the new world. INNovations give us control of things that seem to be uncontrollable at first sight. The same way a sports car, which seems to be drifting on wet asphalt without control, eventually manages to straighten out. INNovation Drift is powerful, but exciting, it is universal, but can also be very personal. It takes our best potential, ideas and talents to bring them together and recreate the world we live in.


At Vilnius INNovation Forum 2013 we take you INNside the INNovation Drift, so that you can:

  • Get INNspired by listening to those, whose INNtelect is changing the world today.
  • Get INNtroduced to like-minded people and realize your INNtentions with new power and support.
  • Share your INNsights about how to make INNovations work for a better tomorrow.
  • Touch the newest INNventions and get INNtrigued by the ones that have not been invented yet.


Vilnius INNovation Forum 2013 is the easiest and the most exciting way to get INNside the INNovation Drift and let it carry you to the world of tomorrow. Do not miss a chance for that.